Ralfonso is a Swiss designer of environmentally interactive, kinetic, light and interactive sculptures (sculptures that move and interact with the environment such as wind, water, etc.) since 1980. Since 1999 he specializes in the design and execution of large to monumental kinetic, light & interactive sculptures for public places from his studios in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA and Geneva, Switzerland.

His passion in life is Kinetic Art for Public Places. With this passion, as president from its inception, he co-founded the Kinetic Art Organization (KAO) in 2001 with a German and a US fellow Kinetic Artist. Now, with more than 1,000 members in over 60 Countries around the world, KAO has become the largest kinetic art organization in the world.

All Ralfonso kinetic sculptures move, as they interact with water, wind, electricity, as well as with the natural environment and most importantly, the viewer. Sculpture designs range in size from 1m (3ft.) to 18m (60ft.). Sculptures have been exhibited and/or installed in Switzerland, Netherlands, Russia, China, Germany, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, France and the USA.

Recent Exhibitions: “Art in Motion”, Netherlands; “Ralfonso Kinetic Art”, St. Petersburg, Russia; “MomentuM”, Grounds for Sculpture in New Jersey, USA; “The Art and Science Biennale” both in Beijing and Shanghai, “Finalist of the Cultural Olympics”, the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland; “Sculpture in Motion”, Atlanta, USA; Changchun International Sculpture Conference, China; Inaugural Exhibition at Cuadro Gallery in Dubai, UAE, Inaugural Exhibition at “Homo Ludens” exhibition, the Netherlands; “Sculpture on the Green” Cashier, NC, USA; Inaugural Exhibition at the Simons Center for Geometry and Physics at Stony Brook University, New York; “Mouvements et Lumières” at the Frank Popper Center, Marcigny, France, etc.

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